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First time investing in a HISA!! Some basic questions around that.

15 Mortgage Questions and Answers for First-Time Homebuyers Here are some mortgage questions you should know the answers to as you prepare to apply for your first mortgage. Commercial real estate investing is something I don't talk about very often. Even though I've worked on the financing side of the commercial real estate business for over 8 years, I don't have much experience on the investing side. Commercial investing has always intrigued me because it's kind of like residential investing on steroids. The wins are much bigger (as are the losses), the deals ... Everyone needs a little help with some aspect of a financial plan. Whether it’s investing, tax planning, estate planning, debt management, or a myriad of other topics, money can be complicated. This is also why some financial gurus recommend paying down non-mortgage debt before investing for retirement. It's that important. And, $1,000 might make a big dent in your debt. Whether you’re a first-time investor or have been investing for many years, there are some basic questions you should always ask before you commit your hard-earned money to an investment. Question 1: Is the seller licensed? 7 questions to ask before you invest Once you know your asset mix , you can choose specific investments. Before you choose an investment Investment An item of value you buy to get income or to grow in value. + read full definition , understand how it works and the risks involved. When shopping for a HISA, consider how often you’ll be accessing the account and what features you will require. How often will you make transactions, and are there fees? Is there a minimum balance required? How is the interest calculated? Here are some of the top factors to consider before you open a HISA. Rates Some people are meticulous savers and scrimp every penny, while others are lavish spenders. You would think that by the time someone gets to a financial advisor there would be a household budget in place, but you and I both know that isn’t the case. If there’s no budget, that should be one of the first items on the to-do list.

2020.07.04 05:00 tiberius1102 First time investing in a HISA!! Some basic questions around that.

I have never invested in a HISA before and I have seen a lot of posts around HISA in this channel. Some questions around that:
1) I have observed a lot of people putting money in a particular HISA for a short term (as long as they get a good interest rate) and then switching to a different HISA with a better interest. How convenient is it to switch HISA's often? I am concerned because you will have to handle multiple bank account details and there could be a lot of hassle when filing taxes?
2) Is it totally legal to keep on switching HISAs often? Is there a limit on the number of HISAs you can switch in a given financial year?
3) How much minimum money should I put into these accounts to actually get some real benefit since I am also going to pay taxes on the interest I earn?
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2020.07.04 05:00 EfficientMood242 I would appreciate help, as I’m not a chemist.

Hi, I have a general question. My friend used a product for her dog that is no longer manufactured. The company went out of business. It was a scented spray. My question is, can a chemist analyze a sample to recreate it? Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
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2020.07.04 05:00 cookiecrumb1242 Shopping

What’s your favorite place to buy guns online?
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2020.07.04 05:00 BladerZ_YT My combos for burst versions of the legendary blader's beys. Not sure what driver to use for Leone or Sagittario.

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2020.07.04 05:00 bout_that_action since alan dershowitz is trending, here's a thread of him getting absolutely demolished by norman finkelstein. he was humiliated so badly that afterwards he went out of his way to get finkelstein denied tenure and fired:
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2020.07.04 05:00 SamanthaFC Wrong lip shape for fillers?

I've gotten lip filler 4 times over the last two years, and while I'm typically happy with the results I'm never completely satisfied because it's not giving me the look I want. I have a pretty strong vermillion border, a really defined Cupid's bow, and quite a narrow / not wide mouth. I'm able to achieve good volume in the centre of my lips, but the sides are never quite where I want them.
I just had injections done today, and my doctor mentioned that my lips weren't "turning out" (as in physically turning outward, not that the results weren't turning out) very well so he would not add any more filler as we want to avoid too much projection or duck lips.
I'm wondering if maybe filler just isn't the avenue I should be pursuing to achieve the pouty look I want. Maybe a lip flip is in order? Maybe I need to describe my desired look better to the doc? Maybe I just can't anatomically achieve it at all?

What are your thoughts?
(Pic is from today, immediately after injections with a bit of swelling.)
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2020.07.04 05:00 mrguy168 [PS4] H: Bear arms + puncturing mod plans. W: To do a 2:1 deal

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2020.07.04 05:00 Darthnater_Shelby Finds for today. Absolutely obsessed with the new ZR1!

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2020.07.04 05:00 ferico-beef-injector question

so i’m playing persona 3 portable and i’m on 8/26 i hear people say FES is better so should i start over and play that version
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2020.07.04 05:00 CaliforniaJade I made this Panang Curry last night, so easy!

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2020.07.04 05:00 DoremusJessup In June, the Amazon Had the Highest Number of Fires in the Last 13 Years: June is the start of the dry season in the Amazon, and the outbreaks are expected to worsen

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2020.07.04 05:00 Tactical_Cheesecake Hey Could anyone please animate some leaves flowing away from the tree? Thanks! The picture is 1902*1080 btw

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2020.07.04 05:00 ayitzbaybayxox TRADING CATICORN RATTLE PRETTY RARE CAT PLUSH OLD AND RARE AND BANANA PLUSH OLD AND RARE ALSO FOR NY GOLDEN PET ( Im kinda over since those are old and rare but golden pets are free )

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2020.07.04 05:00 OgdensNutGhosnFlake Fuji TV had deal with 'Terrace House' cast on how scenes played out

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2020.07.04 05:00 Xolo1015 18 year old car enthusiast, want something rwd with a manual transmission for under $6000

So let me start by saying this before you tell me to just get something fwd, tell me I can't handle the power, or tell me both. I've driven plenty of my friends cars to begin with. Anything from a Toyota Celica, Jeep Cherokee, Volkswagen Golf, Subaru Outback, a Subaru WRX, and even a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I've also been driving my dads car for about a year now with no accidents, no tickets, and no criminal background what so ever, and I'd say I'm a pretty good driver considering I've been through a lot of busy roads and have had to drive to bad parts of phoenix (in terms of traffic) and made it out alive.
Long story short, I know how to drive cars and somewhat work on them since owning my Eclipse. I owned a Mazda 626 in the past but my dad made me sell it because I was to young for my permit and he didn't want to ensure it because its not like I could have a job legally anyways, I was 15. I then owned a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse that I saved up and paid for with a good amount of problems but I was fixing up the car pretty well. One day however I decided to give into the pressure of my parents since they kept telling me it was a P.O.S. (which admittedly it looked like one but it was a fun car to drive that I loved at the time) and I sent someone to give me cash for the scrap.
I can mostly work on anything except the engine (with a few exceptions, more on that later) and I actually don't mind working on my car, in fact I'd honestly prefer it since I'd give me something to do rather then sit in bed or play games all day. Gas mileage and insurance cost doesn't concern me as long as its not insanely high like a mustangs, since I work two part time jobs and I still live with my parents. The only bills I pay for are my media (hulu, spotify, etc.) and my school, but since I'm in community college its very inexpensive.
Mainly looking for something Japanese but I wouldn't mind looking into american, European, or Korean cars if I liked it enough. I don't care about straight line speed or a lot of horsepower but I don't want a miata and the reason being is the impracticality of the car. I'm almost sure a 350z would be much more roomer then a na miata.
Cars I've thought about:
• RX8 (Before someone shits on it, I've been doing research on them for about a year now and I love these cars, just need to find one in good condition and make the the compression of the engine is good)
• Infiniti G35
• Nissan 240sx (If I'm lucky enough to find one for under $6000 with a manual and low miles, yes. I've seen a few earlier today).
I'm open to really any suggestions, any help is appreciated!
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2020.07.04 05:00 ImEliasK Its currently July 04, 2020 at 04:00AMat GMT +2

Its currently July 04, 2020 at 04:00AM at GMT +2
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2020.07.04 05:00 cottagecheese14 Advice To My Younger Self

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2020.07.04 05:00 rockedup18 Feathered Raptor Stage 2

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2020.07.04 05:00 _vidahermosa nice 2 meet u 🥺 😊

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2020.07.04 05:00 ZadarskiDrake Don’t come between a man and his foxbody

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2020.07.04 05:00 mercfh85 Deck Suggestions for 2 Decks

So I have a couple of decks i've been playing that are form of other decks i've seen. Was just curious if I could get some advice on them. They generally do well...but of course im always looking to improve.
GW +1/+1 Counters Deck:

Mono Green Stompy:

I feel like the Mono Green Stompy deck does the best but curious for suggestions.
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2020.07.04 05:00 Snoo-50016 Recommendation Letter Confusion?

Recommendation Letter Confusion? Is anyone having a problem getting a letter of recommendation? A few month's back I asked for one and they sent me a template but now (twice) this is my reply. Frustrating!

Their response today
Template they offered me months ago
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2020.07.04 05:00 isabellamoore1 Research chemicals supplier and manufacturer

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2020.07.04 05:00 RunawayRogue Yo dawg... I heard you like golf

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2020.07.04 05:00 curlytwoshoes On possibly losing my grandma

My grandma was diagnosed with covid a week ago. Her health has gone downhill rapidly. At 95 she was the sturdiest old woman you’d ever meet until covid hit her.
It’s been hell for me. My eyes burn from the crying. She’s officially been put in hospice and we’ve been asked to prepare for her health to only get worse.
Thing is, she put my dad and uncles/aunts through hell. From prostitution as children, to child labor and the list goes on. But above the malice I still feel so unbelievably hurt by this.
My father and I haven’t slept in days. My uncles and aunts think we’re dumb for being so upset. But we know that if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t be here. And we still love her. It’s hard.
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