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Napoletani non incazzatevi❤️

Cani divertenti Prova a non ridere by FrittomistoDP. 1:35. Grandinata su Napoli 2020 by FrittomistoDP. 0:49. Violento Temporale a Napoli 2020 by FrittomistoDP. 0:29. ... Lite tra vicini di casa video divertenti napoletani by FrittomistoDP. 1:22. Cane morde il padrone video divertenti napoletani by FrittomistoDP. 1:30. :D non incazzatevi. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Read ⚠️AVVISO⚠️ from the story The Marauders - The seventh year by Arvall (Laura) with 2,043 reads. wattys2019, animagus, harrypotter. Ciao a tutti ragazzuoli... Gli autoironici e assolutamente non permalosi napoletani. 93,309 likes · 7,232 talking about this. Una pagina ironica per evidenziare alcune peculiarità di un popolo molto caratteristico. Napoletani Si Nasce Non Si Diventa Today at 12:11 PM Il nostro amico @civale_alfonso si è fatto fare questo tatuaggio per commemorare la vittoria in Coppa Italia! Buon Natale 2019 ️ Che sia un #Natale poco politicamente corretto: - incazzatevi se c’è da incazzarvi - chiamate la persona che più amate - mettete l’orgoglio da parte e scrivete a colui/colei con il quale non parlate più da tempo ma ha ancora un posto nel vostro cuore - passate almeno un’ora con chi vi fa star bene il sequel (always together) non lo troverete più sul mio profilo, perché voglio modificarlo e renderlo più plausibile. Ma stava venendo un grandissima cazzata. quindi, accettate le mie scelte. ovviamente. lo ri-pubblicherò. ma prima, voglio concentrarmi su altre due ff. ovvero her They don't know about us. che vi consiglio di andare a leggere.

2020.07.04 13:09 Dondure Napoletani non incazzatevi❤️

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2020.07.04 13:09 rightwingnews /u/baldmtnman on What's the conservative solution to police reform?

My lands where do you guys get your crazy and arbitrary information? CNN? There is absolutely no field anywhere with more accountability than in police work. No cop gets a “slap on the wrist” when they genuinely do wrong and no union uses power to protect wrongdoers. They simply protect a cop’s rights.
How about we divert your income to more training for cops? Police officers already have extensive training but if you want to demand more you should pay for it, not police supervisors. How ridiculous is it for you to demand that someone else’s money be used to fulfill your demands? Gotta be a liberal...
And how about we put a camera on you all the time? Does privacy rights mean anything to you?
Here’s a thought: how about focusing accountability on the people who create the problems in the first place? How about demanding that people stop fighting with the police, resisting, attacking, running from, and trying to steal the weapons from police. How about communities holding their own people accountable?
Here’s another idea: how about basing supposed protests and resistance on facts rather that made up BS?
Or here’s a thought: how about standing on the side of those who lay their lives down each and every day for the people he’s sworn to protect rather than arbitrarily siding with criminals?
from baldmtnman on What's the conservative solution to police reform?
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2020.07.04 13:09 rightwingnews /u/Demographic-Destiny on Why is healthcare for all something I don't see republicans advocating for?

Because the only method of getting people to pay for it, strong national identity, is impossible in the US currently. A vague notion of "equality" will not be enough to get healthcare through until the US loses significantly more whites.
from Demographic-Destiny on Why is healthcare for all something I don't see republicans advocating for?
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2020.07.04 13:09 SargeantSalty94 I want to thank all of the youtubers who take their time to explain things to scrubs like me. Fuck yeah, i'm hyped.

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2020.07.04 13:09 neg9ygo It definitely can combo right?

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2020.07.04 13:09 Itssiddhartha My 100th video, Epic memes GIAY#0007

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2020.07.04 13:09 shitsingaporesays Pokemon SwSh crashes/softlocks during credits

after the final battle and just as the credits start rolling, the game inevitably crashes. turning off 'force 30 FPS' or turning off all the mods doesn't help. applies to yuzu EA 703 and normal yuzu. anyone got any ideas?
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2020.07.04 13:09 _HighKeyX_ Sub4sub
Like and subscribe that’s all and I’ll do the same
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2020.07.04 13:09 irinarea990 Rower, Me, Watercolour on canvas, 2020

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2020.07.04 13:09 ononothimagen Happy 4th everyone!

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2020.07.04 13:09 Jaewonkim1234 Ducky one 2 mini Kailh box white switches

Hi, I know I have already posted this, but the person I was contacting hasn't responded, and I was wondering if there were any of you had the Ducky one 2 mini with the Kaiph box white switches. PM me if you have one, thanks.
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2020.07.04 13:09 ItsAMistakeISwear BITCHES

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2020.07.04 13:09 JayceDuckGrate im sorry yoboiwofly

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2020.07.04 13:09 Deathstroke-sama Ajajajaja

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2020.07.04 13:09 AlisTechs Sub4Sub Get 4 Permanent Subscribers

Subscribe My Channel From 3 Accounts To Get 4 Subscribers (Permanent) Upvote the post Subscribe my channel from 3 accounts Than get 4 subscribers
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2020.07.04 13:09 lxjuice Streaming a video game party

Not sure this is entirely the right sub but I'm trying to structure a video game party where there's a bunch of people (up to 8) streaming a game from my PC. We can all see each other on webcam. This can be done in discord but I also want to be able to hand over controller input in the game to somebody else in the stream. I suppose one idea is to run a video conference next to the game on parsec... would that work? There would be maybe 4 people who would be swapping control between each other.
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2020.07.04 13:09 ClitBiscuits Anyone down to do the bunker 11 Easter egg? [CROSSPLAY]

Looking for some people to get the mp7 blueprint with! I’m on ps4 but open to cross play
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2020.07.04 13:09 matthrzns Horizons [Glasgow Melodic Hardcore]

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2020.07.04 13:09 Nate_Lionheart You Dropped This, King.

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2020.07.04 13:09 gandharvnagrani Only the smart one needs to say yes

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2020.07.04 13:09 xXalex5776Xx [PS4] W: Instigating Hunting Rifle | H: Weapons, Caps

A List of all my current weapons
Offering Weapons and caps
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2020.07.04 13:09 Hollykw Better wear my rain hat so I don’t get wet

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2020.07.04 13:09 genwunner_ How does the derank system work?

I just got to gold, after a looong journey.
One day I was watching a stream and the guy said that if he didn't play ranked games for a long time his rank would go down... but he didn't explain on the stream how this system works.
Is it possible for this to happen to me?
I hate ranked games, I get too nervous. The only reason I got to try to get to gold 4 was that I want the victorious skin.... other than that, I would prefer to just play normal games with my friends....
So, for a gold 4 player, how much time would that be?
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2020.07.04 13:09 MilkandH0n3y 27 [F4M] - Italy - In the Unlikely Event That This Somehow Works, Hi!

I live in Italy, and I am interested in meeting someone who is like me. I haven't met anyone like me to date, hence why I'm here. In the hookup culture world, porn-addicted society (even Reddit is full of porn-addicts), I tend to prefer being with my friends and not dating because it's so toxic. I'm very delicate and sensitive. I am gentle and kind. I know how valuable empathy and a listening ear are in this world. So I'm careful about who I share that with. If that means I have to avoid most offers to date, that's okay because keeping myself safe is my top priority. My standard is to meet my equal.
I've graduated college and worked in the education and research field for 6 years. I love science, sociology, and psychology. I am on a long journey to learn to code and make video games that people like me might enjoy, chill, feel-good gaming, think Stardew Valley. I also play games like Divinity Original Sin 2, Skyrim, and Monster Hunter on Xbox One. I live an active, healthy lifestyle, made easier because I live by the sea in a very active, fit community. There are many runners, bikers, and swimmers here. It's a lot of fun. I am a 420 enthusiast and activist. I hope to live a minimalist lifestyle by the seaside in the future, build a tiny house with solar panels, the whole eco-friendly dream.
I'm conventionally attractive, exotic apparently. I get asked out a lot in person, but I'm not attracted to shallow people or shallow things. Hopefully I'll meet another kind, introverted soul who is also on a journey for peace, spiritual growth, and self-acceptance. Good luck to the other gentle people out there. Keep your standards high! Just remember that in the sick world we live in, sometimes being alone is the best choice. Stay safe and stay healthy. Bye.
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2020.07.04 13:09 Spaceglider2426 I finally got Loba and...

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